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Vol. 7, núm. 26 (2014) Connected Immigrants? Four Methodological Challenges for the Analysis of ict Use through Survey Data* Resumen   PDF (English)
Mihaela Vancea, Alex Boso
Vol. 7, núm. 26 (2014) Political Participation of Latin American Migrants in Andalusia: Opportunities and Constraints Resumen   PDF (English)
Anastasia Bermúdez, Ángeles Escrivá, Natalia Moraes Mena
Vol. 7, núm. 26 (2014) “A Headache Every Day since the New Law”: Mexican Women in the Hair Salon Business and Anti-immigrant Policies in Arizona Resumen   PDF (English)
Erika Cecilia Montoya Zavala, Anna Ochoa O’leary, Ofelia Woo Morales
Vol. 7, Núm. e1 (2013) Migration, Remittances and Entrepreneurship: The Case of Rural Ecuador Resumen   PDF (English)
Cristian Vasco
Vol. 7, Núm. e1 (2013) Continuity and Change in Mexican Migrant Hometown Associations: Evidence from New Survey Research Resumen   PDF (English)
Lauren Duquette-Rury, Xochitl Bada
Vol. 7, núm. 25 (2013) Managing Uncertainty: Immigration Policies in Spain during Economic Recession (2008-2011) Resumen   PDF (English)
Ana López -Sala
Vol. 7, núm. 25 (2013) Implications of the Debate on Irregular Migration in the European and Spanish Asylum Regime Resumen   PDF (English)
Víctor Merino Sancho
Vol. 7, núm. 25 (2013) Psychological State of High School Students with Migrant and Nonmigrant Parents Resumen   PDF (English)
Laura Olivia Zárate, Luis Rey Yedra, Elsa Angélica Rivera Vargas, María del Pilar González Flores, Dinorah León Córdoba
Vol. 6, núm. 24 (2013) That’s how Life is over there, Isn’t it? Family Life Changes among Mexican Non-Migrants who Stayed behind Resumen   PDF (English)
Gabriela Echegoyén Nava
Vol. 6, núm. 24 (2013) Human Rights and Conflicts in European Multicultural Societies Resumen   PDF (English)
Ángeles Solanes Corella
Vol. 6, núm. 24 (2013) Linguistic Integration of the Descendants of Foreign Immigrants in Catalonia Resumen   PDF (English)
Amado Alarcón Alarcón, Sònia Parella Rubio
Vol. 6, núm. 24 (2013) Forms of Social Capital among European Retirement Migrants in the Valencian Community Resumen   PDF (English)
Carles X. Simó Noguera, Benno Herzog, Jolien Fleerackers
Vol. 6, núm. 24 (2013) Migrants Support their Older Parents from a Distance Resumen   PDF (English)
Ana Cecilia Reyes Uribe
Vol. 6, núm. 24 (2013) Braceros: Migrant Citizens and Transnational Subjects in the Postwar United States and Mexico Resumen   PDF (English)
Torrie Hester
Vol. 6, núm. 23 (2012) Residence vs. Ancestry in Acquisition of Spanish Citizenship: A Netnography Approach Resumen   PDF (English)
Pablo Mateos, Jorge Durand
Vol. 6, núm. 23 (2012) The Role of the New Media in the Migratory Experiences of Brazilian Footwear Industry Workers in the South of China Resumen   PDF (English)
Norberto Kuhn Junior, Margarete Fagundes Nunes
Vol. 6, núm. 23 (2012) Telecenters as Association Stations: The Role of Information and Communication Technologies in Migratory Processes Resumen   PDF (English)
Lupicinio Íñiguez-Rueda, Luz Maria Martínez, Juan Muñoz Justicia, María Carmen Peñaranda Cólera, Anna Vitores González
Vol. 6, núm. 22 (2012) DNA Testing for Family Reunification in Europe: An Exceptional Resource? Resumen   PDF (English)
Encarnación La Spina
Vol. 6, núm. 22 (2012) Transformations and Challenges of Argentinean Migratory Policy in Relation to the International Context Resumen   PDF (English)
Susana Novick
Vol. 6, núm. 22 (2012) Integration of Immigrants and Public Management of Religious Diversity in Quebec Resumen   PDF
Alma Mancilla
Vol. 6, núm. 21 (2011) Factors Explaining the Integration, Identity and Sense of Belonging to Spanish Society among Youth Immigrants in Huelva Resumen   PDF (English)
Estrella Gualda Caballero
Vol. 6, núm. 21 (2011) Is More Necessarily Better? Leadership and Organizational Development of Migrant Hometown Associations in Los Angeles, California Resumen   PDF (English)
Luis Escala Rabadán, Gaspar Rivera-Salgado, Rigoberto Rodriguez
Vol. 6, núm. 21 (2011) Social Perception of Risk and Protection Factors for the Children of Emigrant Mothers: A Study in the Dominican Republic Resumen   PDF (English)
Juan de Dios Uriarte Arcinie
Vol. 6, núm. 20 (2011) A Transnational Gaze Resumen   PDF (English)
Peggy Levitt
Vol. 6, núm. 20 (2011) A World in Movement Resumen   PDF (English)
Michel Wieviorka
Vol. 6, núm. 20 (2011) Ethnic Capital and Relay Migration: New and Old Migratory Patterns in Latin America Resumen   PDF (English)
Jorge Durand
Vol. 6, núm. 20 (2011) Extreme Vulnerability of Migrants: The Cases of the United States and Mexico Resumen   PDF (English)
Jorge A. Bustamante
Vol. 6, núm. 20 (2011) New Migration Stream between Mexico and Canada Resumen   PDF (English)
Douglas S. Massey, Amelia E. Brown
Vol. 6, núm. 20 (2011) Times of Losses: A False Awareness of the Integration of Immigrants Resumen   PDF (English)
Antonio Izquierdo Escribano
Vol. 6, núm. 20 (2011) U.S. Immigration Policy and the Mobility of Mexicans (1882-2005) Resumen   PDF (English)
Rafael Alarcón
Vol. 6, núm. 20 (2011) Gender and Migration Scholarship: An Overview from a 21st Century Perspective Resumen   PDF (English)
Pierrette Hondagneu-Sotelo
Vol. 5, núm. 19 (2010) Youth Identities and the Migratory Culture among Triqui and Mixtec Boys and Girls Resumen   PDF (English)
María Dolores París Pombo
Vol. 5, núm. 19 (2010) Emigration Policy and State Governments in Mexico Resumen   PDF (English)
Guillermo Yrizar Barbosa, Rafael Alarcón
Vol. 5, núm. 18 (2010) A Spatial Approach to the Link between Remittances and Regional Growth in Mexico Resumen   PDF (English)
Marcos Valdivia López, Fernando Lozano Ascencio
Vol. 5, núm. 18 (2010) The Migration Experience as It Relates to Cargo Participation in San Miguel Cuevas, Oaxaca Resumen   PDF (English)
Silvia Ventura Luna
Vol. 5, núm. 18 (2010) Children without Borders: A Mapping of the Literature on Unaccompanied Migrant Children to the United States Resumen   PDF (English)
Lilian Chavez, Cecilia Menjívar
Vol. 5, núm. 18 (2010) Varones al son de la migración: Migración internacional y masculinidades de Veracruz a Chicago Resumen   PDF (English)
Patricia Zamudio Grave
Vol. 5, núm. 17 (2009) A View from the Inside: Grounding the Remittance-Development Link Resumen   PDF (English)
Daniela N. Villacrés
Vol. 5, núm. 17 (2009) How Our Lady of Guadalupe Became Lutheran: Latin American Migration and Religious Change Resumen   PDF (English)
Luisa Feline Freier
Vol. 4, núm. 14 (2008) Borderplex Population Modeling Resumen   PDF (English)
Thomas M. Fullerton, Jr., Martha Patricia Barraza de Anda
Vol. 4, núm. 14 (2008) Migrant-Local Government Relationships in Sending Communities. The Power of Politics in Postwar El Salvador Resumen   PDF (English)
Xiomara Peraza
Vol. 4, núm. 14 (2008) Vernacular Conversations on Immigration and Border- Crossing: A Narrative-Oriented Action Research Project Resumen   PDF (English)
Adonay A. Montes, Fernando Rodríguez-Valls
Vol. 4, núm. 12 (2007) Perpetuating Split-household Families. The Case of Mexican Sojourners in Mid-Michigan and their Transnational Fatherhood Practices Resumen   PDF (English)
Juan José Bustamante, Carlos Alemán
Vol. 4, núm. 12 (2007) Breaking down the Far Southern Border of Europe: Immigration and Politics in the Canary Islands Resumen   PDF (English)
Valeriano Esteban, Ana María López Sala
Vol. 3, núm. 8 (2005) Mexican Immigrants and Temporary Residents in Canada: Current Knowledge and Future Research Resumen   PDF (English)
Richard E. Mueller
Vol. 3, núm. 8 (2005) Emigration and Economic Crisis: Recent Evidence from Uruguay Resumen   PDF (English)
Adela Pellegrino, Andrea Vigorito
Vol. 3, núm. 8 (2005) The Transnational Politics of U.S. Immigration Policy Resumen   PDF (English)
Matt Bakker
Vol. 2, núm. 7 (2004) The Unauthorized Residency Status Myth: Health Insurance Coverage and Medical Care Use among Mexican Immigrants in California Resumen   PDF (English)
Enrico A. Marcelli
Vol. 2, núm. 7 (2004) Dual Language Proficiency and the Educational Attainment of Latinos Resumen   PDF (English)
Amy Lutz
Vol. 2, núm. 6 (2004) Connections between U.S. Female Migration and Family Formation and Dissolution Resumen   PDF (English)
Laura E. Hill
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